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SunFan Kit - R120.00 incl VAT

Here's a fun recycling project! Find a discarded tin, soak off the label and clean it.
The SunFan keeps you cool on hot sunny days.

Instructions For SunFan Assembly
1. Mount motor onto suitable stand with double-sided tape supplied.
2. Push propellor onto motor spindle.
3. Connect solar panel by attaching crocodile clips to motor.
4. Face panel towards sun.
5. Changing the angle of solar panel changes speed of fan.
6. Swopping the clips changes the direction of the fan.
7. Experiment to find best angle for SunFan.
8. Have fun in the African sun!

1. White corex base 150x105mm.
2. Solar panel with crocodile clips.
3. Motor and housing with double sided tape.
4. Motor spindle to attach propellor.
5. Motor terminals to connect crocodile clips.
6. Propellor.
7. Wire to fix solar panel to corex base.