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SunCar Kit - R180.00 incl VAT

We learn more when we’re having fun in the African sun!

Instructions For SunCar Assembly
1. Align square dowel with short side of corex base. Hold firmly in place and use push-nail to make pilot holes 15mm from edge.
2. Push screw-eyes through pilot holes and screw them into square dowel.
3. Push two pieces of the silicone tubing onto each round dowel.
4. Position the steel washers on the outer side of each silicone piece.
5. Using thumb and forefinger grip silicone tubes and slide them out until each steel washer is pressed loosely against each screw-eye.
6. Install drive-pulley and wheels. Assure they do not touch the base and spin freely.
7. Fit the motor drive-gear onto the motor.
8. Place the rubber band over the drive pulley and motor. Pull motor until rubber band is slightly stretched. Mark position of motor with pen, remove rubber band and stick motor into position with double-sided tape provided under the motor housing.
9. Now place rubber band with motor in final position.
10. Place solar panel against the square dowel and rest it on top of the motor.
11. Hold solar panel in place and use push-nail to make new holes in corex base.
12. Thread wire-tie through holes from the bottom and tie on the top of the panel.
13. Using crocodile clips supplied, connect wires from panel onto the motor.
14. Place your SunCar on the ground with the panel facing the sun.
15. Have fun!